Magician Katherine

Magician Katherine

Stylish female magician offering anything from stunning mind-reading to astonishing sleight of hand
This member of the Magic Circle is a favourite with trade shows, corporate events, parties and weddings
Can incorporate your logos, strap lines and the ethos of your campaign into her performances
As seen on multiple TV shows and has been part of a BAFTA winning TV series
Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

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When it comes to magic and magicians, London magician Katherine is a unique find – not only incredibly skilled in her craft but also very stylish, contemporary and female!

Unanimously voted into the magic circle, Katherine has become a favourite choice for the largest of corporate firms to the most special of private functions. She has worked all over the world and has been seen on British television on BBC, CBBC, ITV and channel 5, had her own TV show and was part of a BAFTA-winning series. 

Her diverse and up to date style combined with her sleight of hand dexterity is guaranteed to conjure up an air of elegance and wonder. From Trade shows, corporate events, parties to weddings London magician Katherine’s light-hearted and friendly manner makes her popular with all age groups.

Whether it be with clever coin tricks, mind magic or making a ring vanish in a flame of fire, her visual eye-popping magic can be relied upon to entertain, astonish and bemuse.

  • Corporate Parties and Dinners

Katherine is the ideal addition to any corporate party or dinner, amazing and impressing clients and colleagues using her eye-popping close up magic whilst creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether it be by producing a goldfish or changing £5 into £50 her magic is so visually powerful it can even transcend language barriers for international events.

  • Trade Shows

Katherine can help create a strong connection between your products and your clients via the use of corporate magic. Imagine making your product float to demonstrate its competitive price or making someone’s secret thoughts appear on your latest software to demonstrate connectivity.

Katherine can incorporate your logos, strap lines and the ethos of your campaigns in such a way that the power of the presentation will have a lasting impact on clients who attend you booths and product launches.

  • Parties

Katherine's will mingle in the crowd doing eye popping close-up magic or entertain with a parlor show involving a group of guests. From clever card tricks to mind magic games to making rings vanish in flames of fire Katherine is a wonderful addition to any party.

Whether you’re planning a Birthday Party, Bar Mitzvah, Baby Shower, Anniversary Celebration, Halloween Party, Hen Party or any other sort of private function, Katherine’s breathtaking tricks and sleight of hand are guaranteed to have your guests talking about her long after they’ve gone home.

  • Weddings

With Katherine’s experience of working in a wedding environment and her elegant approach she will seamlessly bring your guests together whilst amazing them and adding an unforgettable element of fun and laughter to your special day.

The magic acts a great icebreaker and talking point for unfamiliar guests and whether it be whilst photographs are being taken, between courses at dinner or during the reception Katherine will work with you to create the perfect entertainment for your wedding.

Contact us to book this fantastic London Magician for your event anywhere around the world. 

  • Bloomberg
  • Glastonbury
  • Harrods
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Sony
  • Top Shop
  • Vodaphone
  • BP
  • Claridges
  • Goldman Sachs
  • IBM
  • O2
  • The Orient Express
  • Virgin
  • Yves St Laurent
  • Bentley

" Katherine you were completely captivating just unbelievable! "

Anthony from 02

" Thank you Katherine for making last night so special and helping all the delegates to have an enjoyable evening "

CJ Cane  Sika

" Thank you so much for entertaining our friends and family at our wedding a couple of weeks ago, you really were fantastic and added something very special to the day. Now whenever the wedding is mentioned your name always comes up everyone was truly impressed. "

Sarah and Tom Blackwell

" We loved having Katherine at our 10th birthday press dinner. She seamlessly worked her way around the room, never interrupting but always engaging guests with her incredible tricks. Everyone commented on how good she was at surprising and delighting! "

Harriet French - Soap and Glory

" The modern face of 21st century magic "

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