Comedy Music Duo

A provocative music duo, our comedy singers combine wry humour with an perceptive commentary on the world of love & romantic encounters
Eccentric in clothing & behaviour, our comedy musicians pride themselves on their smutty lyrics & theatrical performances
Finalists of Holland’s Got Talent, the comedy singers have since made waves across the European music scene
Featuring original music, ukelele, guitar & harmonica performances, get ready for a weird & downright hilarious show
Book Comedy Music Duo for events in Amsterdam & worldwide

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At booking agency Scarlett Entertainment we are pleased to be one of the top sources for one of a kind shows in the world. If you want to make an impact at your event, we advise a unique comedy act, sure to break the ice and get every guest having fun. An eccentric and amusing act, our Comedy Music Duo is a pair of comedy singers from Amsterdam. Performing their theatrical act for all sorts of events, our comedy musicians create an air of whimsy with their provocative shows.

After meeting at theatre school in Amsterdam, our duo quickly formed a firm friendship. Though very different: one an extrovert the other more shy, our comedy singers were drawn to each other by a similar sense of humour. Rocking vivid clothes styles, our comedy musicians bring a creative touch to every show. Rising to fame on the show Holland’s Got Talent, our duo won the public’s hearts when they shot to the finals.

Singing about love, life and men, the artists bring plenty of smut into their titillating shows. Playing harmonica, ukulele and guitar, each show is a musical joy as well as comedy gold. Drawing on their theatre training, the girls’ act is full of wit and drama as well as truly great songs. The ideal act for any client looking to book something original, you will not find anyone like this act elsewhere. 

Full of colour, humour and filth, our Dutch singers’ shows suit festivals, parties, company events and more. Due to their unique style, our artists are also perfect for fashion events since they will be great playing next to a catwalk. This Comedy Act is performed in Dutch and will be a hilarious highlight of any corporate event, dinner, party or show!

To learn more about hiring  Comedy Music Duo or any Dutch music act for your event, please speak to our helpful team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be in touch with you.


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