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Nat Lunatricks - Hat Show

Comic Hat Show

Hilarious hat duo perform amazing hat tricks in circus-style stage show
Traditional ‘big top’ style circus costumes with Victoriana feel
Multiple hats get thrown, caught, juggled, worn and replaced on heads
Show can be performed in conjunction with roaming circus tricks act
Bristol-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Book our brilliant hat comedy circus show for a great comic act of extraordinary skill. This funny duo tell a mimed story of two men meeting and then juggling, throwing, rolling, catching and, of course, wearing a number of hats. This hat show is great entertainment for audiences of all ages and nationalities. 

Wearing updated Victoriana costumes taken from the traditional ‘big top’ style of circus entertainment, this funny duo completely look the part. Requiring only a stage area or open space (and no wind!), the pair tell a humorous story using a collection of hats. Beginning with the two of them greeting each other by tipping their hats, they then proceed to perform all manner of baffling tricks.

The comic act throw hats across the stage in a version of juggling, roll hats across outstretched arms, catch piles of hats on their heads and generally manage to do things with hats that most people would think impossible. As well as being impressive, the act is light-hearted and gripping from start to finish.

The performers are accomplished circus performers in their own rights, and in between shows are able to offer walkabout acts and street performance showcasing their many talents. This can include juggling, unicycle riding, mini-hoops by one of the world’s foremost mini-hoop experts, gymnastics, magic and a lot more.

With all of this and more to the act, they are a fantastic booking for a huge range of events. Festivals, particularly steampunk ones, parties, corporate events and anything wanting a bit of levity, skilled performance and wit should add this act to their enquiry. 

To book this novel comic act, contact our dedicated team of entertainment experts today.


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