JOHNman / Living Doll Performer - Candyman

Confectionary Mix & Mingle Act

We hope you are feeling hungry because the candy man is heading to town! Our Confectionary Mix & Mingle Act is sure to leave you feeling sweet
Twice awarded "World Champion of Living Statues”, our skilled roaming act really takes on the persona of his character
A living doll street performer, your guests can enjoy delicious candies as our character interacts with the crowd & offers his wares
An eye catching & truly unique character, our candy salesman looks the part with a red suit, red chequered hat & luminous contact lenses
Based in Berlin & available to perform internationally, hire walkabout entertainment for your event

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Global entertainment supplier Scarlett Entertainment is excited to source and sell amazing acts for events all over the world. Working on a one-to-one basis with clients and artists, our experienced team of entertainment coordinators will liaise with your chosen act, ironing out all of the finer details to ensure that your special occasion is a huge success. Able to customise acts and even create completely unique entertainment especially for you: if you can imagine it, we can provide it! Confectionary Mix & Mingle Act is a unique character inhabiting the persona of a candy seller. A colourful and original roaming act, our experienced street performer provides engaging walkabout entertainment for a wide variety of events.

Twice awarded "World Champion of Living Statues”, our roaming act has achieved success only dreamed about by other entertainers. Paying close attention to detail with each of his acts, our food themed street performer aims to create an immersive experience for guests when he transforms into a living doll. A completely unique character, the candy man is like nobody you will have met. Featuring a shiny red suit, chequered hat and mesmerising red eyes, our living doll is certain to intrigue your guests with his enigmatic demeanour. 

A popular entertainment option for festivals, children’s events, corporate functions, shop launches and more, he was even hired as an international jury at the World Statues Festival 2010. Able to provide full 20 minute shows, ambient entertainment or walkabout entertainment, you might even be able to get this human-like sweet salesman to strut his stuff on your dance floor. Entertaining audiences by handing out sweets and surprising everyone with unexpected tricks and gags, this guy might appear plastic but he has a heart of honey.

For more information about hiring Confectionary Mix & Mingle Act for your event, please contact our specialist team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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