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Contact Juggler France

Talented crystal ball performer mesmerises audiences of all ages with his impressive ball rolling tricks
Offers both roaming performances and stage shows and is happy to perform along with other artists
Can mix and mingle with guests at your party and draw in crowds with his dynamic act
Ideal for themed events, theme parks, circuses, festivals, fairs, galas, weddings, evenings, etc.
This Contact Juggler is based in France and available for bookings worldwide

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If you’re looking for the perfect circus walkabout entertainment option for your special occasion, then book this Contact Juggler from France and you won’t be disappointed. This talented contact juggling performer always keeps audiences entertained and mesmerised with his impressive skills.

A versatile contact juggling artist, our roaming circus entertainer can also perform stage shows. Happy to share the stage with other artists, this crystal ball performer always welcomes the opportunity to perform along with other circus entertainers or adapt his act to be part of a bigger production or variety show.

Our contact juggling artist’s impressive ball rolling tricks will keep audiences of all ages hypnotised. He can roam around your venue performing some of his tricks with one big or three small contact juggling crystal balls. A discipline that both children and grown-ups love, our roaming circus entertainer is guaranteed to draw in crowds.

This crystal ball performer has entertained audiences both in Europe and the Middle East. He has experience performing for both small and large groups of people and creating a show that is both dynamic and exciting.

Suitable for a broad range of occasions, our crystal ball performer is the ideal roaming circus entertainer for festivals, fairs, themed events, circuses, resorts, theme parks, and many more! Using his crystal balls to create an idyllic atmosphere, our contact juggling performer is also perfect for evenings, weddings and galas.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of roaming circus entertainers for events and occasions in France and all around the world.

If you’re interested in booking this Contact Juggler from France, contact us today and ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Coordinators. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this fantastic contact juggling performer and guide you through the booking process.


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