Kerry Balder

Contact Juggler Munich

An incredible performance that defies the laws of gravity
Elegant & graceful choreographies will captivate audiences of all ages
Offers an extensive range of themes complete with extravagant costumes
Previous clients include BMW, Porsche, Zurich, Mercedes Benz...
Based in Munich & available to perform at events worldwide

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Contact juggling is a unique and unusual art form that seems to defy the laws of gravity. This contact juggler manipulates beautiful coloured crystal balls with an elegant and graceful choreography that will captivate audiences young and old.

She has performed at numerous medieval markets, town festivals, birthday parties, weddings, fairs, corporate events and music videos across Germany. She offers a large and varied range of extravagant themed costumes that would perfectly compliment any event. If the theme or costume your desire isn’t amongst her collection then she is happy to create a bespoke costume on request.

Ball Fairy / Kug Pixies
Authentic costume ideal for fantasy events, medieval fairs, festivals and garden events.

Dryad / Tree Nymph
A walkabout character inspired by ancient myth. Can perform solo or as a duo. Ideal for fantasy and garden events.

The Galaxy Show
Audiences are taken to a place in space before there was time with this graceful performance.

The Siren
The siren is a mystical and hypnotic character, elegant choreography and beautiful crystal balls will mesmerise audiences.

Inspired by Steampunk and the Victorian era.

Medieval Classic
Classic red medieval dress or a fantasy inspired leather outfit.

The Frog Princess
Costumed in a flowing white dress, with white crown and frog, this is the princess from the well loved fairy-tale - The Princess and The Frog. Ideal for children’s parties, fantasy events galas, this small drama featuring contact juggling will delight audiences.

The Seer
Inspired by the prophecy of the seer, this performance incorporates spoken excerpts from the Norse creation story, songs and beautiful costumes alongside stunning contact juggling.

Richly decorated in beads and shells, this act can be performed solo or as a duo.

  • Euro Financial Service Gmunden
  • Mercedes Benz Salzburg
  • BMW Munich
  • Police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South
  • NAVC Automobile Association
  • Kulturpavillon Munich
  • City Gallery Passau
  • LWL Industrial Museum Hattingen / NRW
  • TV
  • MDR - Interview "On site at Four"
  • Uschi house Tüßling
  • Fischerstueberl Attel
  • Kult Hotel Ingolstadt
  • Arterhof Bad Birnbach
  • Medieval Markets
  • Ortenburgers Jousting
  • Knights hard Amerang
  • Roseburg
  • Castle grave hard Nuremberg
  • City Festivals
  • City Festival Mühldorf
  • Schrannenplatz hard Schrobenhausen
  • Therme Johannesbad
  • Poseidon Therme Bad Griesbach
  • Therme Bad Wörishofen
  • Tattoo Conventions
  • Tattoo Convention Rosenheim
  • Festivals
  • Sinnflut Festival
  • Alpenflair Festival Natz
  • Companies & Fairs
  • Zurich Insurance - Dinner Show for 1000 customer
  • Porsche Postpalast Munich
  • Consumenta Nuremberg
  • Institutions & Organizations
  • retex workshops
  • Vocational school Pegnitz
  • JCI Lower Bavaria
  • Nibelungen Centre Passau
  • BR talent show "Mia san mia"
  • Reports on medieval markets
  • Discos & Theme Restaurants
  • Crystal Club Kolbenmoor
  • Knoxoleum Burghausen
  • Ara Hotel Ingolstadt
  • Middle Ages in Munich
  • Medieval market Büdingen / Hessen
  • Cave Gladium
  • Burgfest Lichtenberg
  • City Cycling Regensburg
  • Dresden City Festival
  • Night Market Ammersee
  • Spa
  • Therme Erding
  • Wonnemar Therme Ingolstadt
  • Tätowierfestspiele Salzburg
  • Elves Festival Blumenthal
  • Fantastica Festival
  • Nostalgia Festival in Moss
  • Allianz Tower Frankfurt / Main


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