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Culinary Contest Toulouse

A group cookery class that will end with a friendly culinary competition
A minimum of 20 people can participate in this creative food teambuilding workshop
The activity consists of a one-hour group cookery class and it includes appetisers, wine, coffee and tea
A group food masterclass that helps develop skills such as fast thinking, decision making and creativity
This corporate cookery lesson and Culinary Contest is available for bookings in Toulouse

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Invite your friends or work colleagues to join this food teambuilding workshop, a one-hour group cookery class that ends with a friendly culinary contest.

A minimum of 20 people can participate in this corporate cookery lesson, although smaller groups can undertake this activity upon request. Participants will meet at an agreed location in Toulouse. They will be divided into three different groups. Each group will be in charge of one course: the entries, the main dish and the dessert.

Each team will have 10 minutes to check all the ingredients available and decide which ones they’d like to use for their recipes. This will involve fast thinking and will help participants develop skills like decision making. Then, they will need to give their recipes a name and ask the chef who leads this group food masterclass for approval. Our culinary professionals will give them their advice so they make the right decisions and get the best result possible. Each team will have one hour and 15 minutes to cook their dishes.

All groups will present their dishes in front of all present, including the different teams and the head chefs leading this corporate cookery lesson. Our professionals will be provided with a score sheet so they can score and store the results. They will take into account the team’s creativity and presentation and, of course, the dishe’s taste and quality.

An aperitif will be served during the dish preparation so everybody can have a break. In total, this group food masterclass can last around one hour and a half and up to two hours, depending on the time of day it takes place.

The price of this food teambuilding workshop includes:

  • Appetisers and snacks
  • Starter and dessert
  • One hour group cookery class
  • Ingredients and kitchen tools
  • Wine, coffee and tea

To book this corporate cookery lesson and culinary contest in Tolouse, get in touch with our wonderful in-house team of entertainment experts and make an enquiry. Our coordinators will be happy to guide you through the booking process.

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