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Diabolo Performers

Available as a solo or a duo act, our diablo jugglers perform high impact live shows
Offering a range of diablo performance options, our circus artists can incorporate an LED act, cabaret show or comedy set into their diablo juggling
Able to perform both indoors & outdoors, our Diabolo Performers can adapt their sets to suit a wide range of venues & event types
Our glow performers are perfect for club nights & evening festivals whilst the traditional diablo is ideal for street fairs & opening ceremonies
Book Diabolo Performers for events in Bristol & internationally

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Scarlett Entertainment is one of the leading entertainment agencies in the world today. Specialising in high quality acts based across the globe, our attentive entertainment coordinators will support you in sourcing a wow factor act for your big day. Able to supply entertainment for almost any event type, no task is too challenging for our dedicated sales team. If you are seeking high energy circus performers to make an impact at your event, our diablo jugglers may be the perfect solution. Both highly experienced entertainers, our Diabolo Performers offer a wide range of show options for guests to choose from. Whether you would like a dramatic cabaret diablo act or an LED act with glow performers, our talented diablo artists will make your dream a reality.

Dorian and Sylvestre have been performing diablo together for many years. Both fully trained professional circus artists, Dorian began training as a gymnast at the age of 4 before entering the world of circus arts at 13. Sylvestre is a passionate diablo artist who incorporates skills as a street performer and cabaret entertainer into his dynamic live shows. 

“Diabolo” or “diablo” is a juggling prop made of two cups or discs. Using two sticks held in the hands, the prop is spun in the air, creating vibrant visual effects as the skilled circus performer performs amazing flicks and tricks. 

Diablo show options
- Solo show: a single artist performs amazing skills using a diablo. Perfect for small scale events.
- Duo show: our two diablo jugglers perform in combination, demonstration amazing skills with multiple diablos.
- LED act: the glow performers spin LED lit diablos in the air to produce beautiful colours and patterns
- Cabaret/ comedy act: The jugglers combine diablo skills with a theatrical or comedic routine.

Having both worked at big events like the Paralympic Torch Relay, Festival "Zonglovani" in Prague and UAE 40th Anniversairy, our experienced jugglers are no strangers to entertaining an audience. Able to provide customised choreography to suit your specific event type or theme, our talented circus artists will work with you to ensure that your festival, corporate event or street fair goes down in history!

To book our amazing Diabolo Performers, please contact Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

  • Four Seasons Opening
  • Paralympic Torch Relay - London UK
  • ​Opening 'Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde' - Paris France
  • Festival "Balls Skilled at Belleville" in Paris
  • Festival "Night of the Troubadours"
  • Festival "Zonglovani" in Pragues
  • Dorian
  • Olympic Torch Relay - UK Tour
  • UAE 40th Anniversairy
  • Opening 'Cirque de Demain' - Paris France
  • Sylvestre
  • Festival "Jubil'à Jongle" Blanquefort
  • Festival "Sources Vives"
  • World Record of 3 diabolos in the rope to the Guinness Book of Records (5'28
  • Mercedes Benz Event


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