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Diverse BMX Show

BMX show features professional riders performing flatland and park tricks
Ramps, rails, quarter-pipes and more provided for the riders
Feature a customisable park size and number of riders and compare with PA are included
Flatland riders can perform on raised stages and flat surfaces for smaller venues
London-based act available for bookings worldwide

Diverse BMX Show VIDEOS

Diverse BMX Show PHOTOS

Book our extreme sports BMX show and drop the jaws of your audience. Our urban sport bike show will amaze spectators of any age, but is particularly popular with kids. As an urban sport stunt act, the professionals involved are all highly-trained and competitive riders who have spent their lives perfecting the vasty array of tricks and stunts that they perform.

Customise the size of your show by booking one of their many packages, from a simple flatland rider who can perform on any level, hard surface (and can provide a raised stage for grassy areas) to a full-sized show, featuring three pro-level athletes, a compere and large-scale ramps.

Shows of intermediate scale are also available, and a combination of flatland and park BMX is a popular option. You could also combine the show with our Mountain Bike Trials Act for some really astonishing and breathtaking action.

The ramps used by the BMXers is a jumpbox: a run-up with a curved jump side and a flat landing side. These are impressive sizes and enable riders to get the air they need to do their most spectacular tricks, including 720 spins, backflips and more. This set up includes a quarter pipe too, but can be scaled down to included smaller jump boxes for smaller venues.

Your audience might not be experts on BMX tricks. In fact, that’s a likely situation. So to help you out, they also provide a compere who describes what the tricks are, what they involve and gets audiences pumped for the show. In the smaller shows, riders can double as comperes however the number of riders, comperes and ramps is fully customisable.

This goes down a treat with young audiences and is an exciting, unique and novel act that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. As well as kids, adults can’t fail to be impressed by this visually stunning act and it’s the perfect booking for summer events and school visits. 

To book our Diverse BMX Show, contact our team of entertainment coordinators today.


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