The Hat Hausen Elàstic Band

Dixie Jazz Style Band Spain

Wonderful Dixie jazz band that'll fill your special event with great sounding tunes.
Professional roving musicians perform a variety of songs to energize guests.
Skilled cover performers performing using an assortment of styles.
Ideal party band for private parties, receptions, corporate events, etc.
Book live music show for events throughout Spain.

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Our sensational Dixie jazz band are sure to leave lasting impressions at your upcoming social gathering or special event, by delivering a phenomenal live music show experience! A brilliant and memorable live performance delivered by our epic group of roving musicians and cover performers. An engaged and high energy party band that will keep your guests perfectly engaged and entertained from start to finish. A fantastic taste of classic and upbeat tracks that will keep your special occasion light and entertaining. An unforgettable live music experience that your guests will love. 

Providing your special event with a dynamic and stunning live music show, our talented and skilled Dixie jazz band and party band will perform an assortment of original tunes and cover pieces that are fun filled and express tons of energy. Our cover performers and roving musicians will deliver a live performance that features songs that everyone will love, and everyone will stay put and invested. Our exceptional musicians will roam throughout your venue and interact with your guests in a fun filled manner that helps our Dixie jazz band create an interactive space. 

Dedicated to delivering an alluring and memorable live music show performance, our dashing gentlemen perform with loads of elegance, cheer, and high energy, creating a variety of musical routines that can compliment a number of different special event themes or style guidelines. Providing your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences, our fun and high energy party band are bound to exceed your event expectations. The perfect live music show entertainment experience for private parties, corporate events, music festivals, weddings, receptions, themed occasions, and much more.

Contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members if you are interested in booking our wonderful Dixie jazz band and roving musicians for your upcoming event.