The New Orleans Jump Band

Dixieland Jazz Band Marbella

Professional jazz group will bring the sound of New Orleans to your event
Walkabout act will perform amongst guests
Regularly play at international jazz festivals and high society weddings
Have performed before the crown prince of Spain
Based in Marbella and available to perform at events worldwide

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This Marbella based Dixieland Jazz Band can offer you an acoustic show featuring the distinctive sounds of the banjo, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, saxophone and sousaphone to create an authentic New Orleans jazz performance.

Each member of the group is a talented musician with years of experience playing live, and the band can perform with either a 4, 5 or 6 piece line up to suit your event. The band will also walk amongst your guests as they play, creating a more intimate atmosphere and carrying their joyful music through the crowds.