DJ Amanda Jayd

Dubai Female DJ

Dubai Female DJ mixes different styles and genres and never fails to fill the room with a hypnotising party vibe!
Set lists include hip hop, 80s and 90s music, deep house, electro music, party hits, etc.
Happy to customise her mixes and interact with partygoers by reaching out to the crowd on the microphone
Ideal for VIP events, private parties, nightclubs, exclusive celebrations, pool parties, etc.
This Dubai Female DJ is available for bookings in the UAE and all over the world

Dubai Female DJ PHOTOS

If you would like to hire a female DJ, then our Entertainment Coordinators will be happy to advise the best entertainment option for you. If you’re hosting an event in the UAE, then this fantastic Dubai Female DJ might be what you’re looking for.

One of the most in-demand DJs in the UAE, this performer is well-known for her dynamic performances, smooth vocal house licks and her sexy up-tempo r’n’b and funky electro spins.

Our party DJ started her career in Australia, where she’s originally from. She has entertained crowds at numerous VIP events and prestigious venues all over the world, especially in the Middle East. She has also performed in other countries like Indonesia, China and India, to name a few.

Currently based in Dubai, our female party DJ supports international acts like Hed Kandi, Coolio or Fierce Angel weekly. Especially suitable for VIP events, she has performed at numerous high-end pool parties and private celebrations. This party DJ is also a regular radio host and DJ on the popular radio station Channel 4 in the UAE.

A popular DJ in the UAE, she was nominated by Time Abi Dhabi for ‘Best Resident DJ’. A versatile artist, she loves exploring different genres and mixing different styles and sounds. Her set lists include hip hop, 80s and 90s music, party hits, electro and tech music, progressive, deep house and also her own original tracks!

Happy to customise her performances to suit your requirements, our female party DJ can also create bespoke remixes and mashups especially for your party in order to put all partygoers in an energetic and vibrant mood.

An entertainer that enjoys interacting with crowds, she loves reaching out to the crowd on the microphone. Our sensational DJ never fails to fill the room with a hypnotising party vibe!

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing DJs in the UAE and all over the world.

Hire a female DJ by contacting us today and making an enquiry. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Experts will be delighted to provide further details on this sensational Dubai Female DJ and assist you in the booking process.