Helsingør Pigegarde

Female Marching Band

A voluntary initiative of up to 120 young female musicians
High-level marching band who are a firm part of the cityscape
Well established, popular parade, carnival and festival entertainment
Perform music whilst marching with great military discipline
Based in Denmark and available to perform at events worldwide

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Founded in 1957, this young Marching Band are a voluntary initiative based in Hornbæk, Denmark and consist of up to 120 impressive female musicians.

With a line up that can be varied depending on event requirements, this high-level musical marching band have been a firm part of the cityscape for many years and have established a great name for themselves.

With great military discipline, the girls perform on a selection of instruments, including brass, percussion and woodwind and perform regular weekly marches in their city. In addition to this, they regularly perform at a selection of private and corporate events, including fairs, parades, festivals and sporting events.