Dessy Di Lauro

Female Vocalist Dessy

Female Vocalist who has developed a new sound called Neo-Ragtime
Blends 1930's jazz music with today's contemporaneity urban music
Offers an incredible vocal range and appealing, unique style
Works alongside internationally renowned dancers and specialist acts
Based in LA and available to perform at events worldwide

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Female Vocalist Dessy is a seasoned singer/entertainer who has developed an appealing new sound called Neo-Ragtime, which is a blend of 1930's jazz and today's contemporaneity urban music.

Over the years she has been featured on many Cirque Du Soleil productions, singing alongside internationally renowned dancers, specialty acts, live horns, an MC and a DJ.

With an incredible vocal range and appealing, unique style, Dessy performs original songs/arrangements guaranteeing a full 360-degree experience for guests. She performs alongside internationally renowned dancers who have all worked on world tours with Madonna as well as specialty acts including stilt walkers and fire blowers.

Having helped to create many major productions such as Cirque Du Soleil Female Vocalist Dessy pays extremely close attention to aesthetics on stage, outfits and of course the overall soundscape in the room ensuring each show is a mind-blowing experience!

  • Mysterious
  • Why U Raggin’?
  • Popularity Contest
  • Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
  • Heartbreak Hotel (The Jacksons)
  • His Name is Jack
  • Lost In the Jungle
  • Go‘head D (Hi-D)
  • You Won’t Be
  • Treme Song (John Botte)
  • I Put a Spell On You (Screamin Jay Hawkins)
  • Bringin It Back
  • Jump N Jivin’
  • Sweet Georgia Brown (Jazz Standard)

" I look forward to working with Dessy on her next project. With proper funding, I strongly believe their Neo-Ragtime sound will break into the biggest charts and make an important impact in contemporary music. "

Rob Chiarelli, Celebrity Mix Engineer