Hannah Wildes

Female Vocalist Hannah

Exciting up-and-coming UK artist destined for stardom
Has been heavily influenced by David Bowie, Prince & Mariah Carey
Has a unique, instantly memorable and infectious voice
Has worked with some of the best producers in the UK
Based in London and available to play at events worldwide

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Female Vocalist Hannah is an exciting, up-and-coming brilliant new UK artist, destined for stardom.

Hannah is true to life, a real performer and her songs have meaning & passion. She sings like an angel and performs like a superstar.

Heavily influenced in her childhood by some of the world’s greatest singers such as David Bowie, Prince, Mariah Carey, Hannah’s style is instantly memorable and the hooks and melodies on her songs are simply infectious.

She is classically trained as well as musicial theatre trained and produces contemporary pop / rock music which is self taught.

Having recently worked with some of the best producers in the UK, Hannah has signed her first single to the Jacobs team, who were responsible for the Saturdays biggest hit ‘What About Us’

Hannah is witty, intelligent, caring, an incredible singer, what more could the music world ask for.

" "One of the best voices I’ve ever heard" "

Paul Miles CEO famestage