Liumanov Show - Fire Show

Fire Stilt Walking Show

Stunning fire walkabout act combines fire artists and stilt acts for memorable roving fire show.
Unique fire artists can perform as roving performers or on stage.
Fire performers will wow audiences of all ages in unique costumes and stilts.
Stilt acts have previously performed at street parades, private parties, and more.
Outstanding stilt entertainers available to hire for events across Ukraine and worldwide

Fire Stilt Walking Show VIDEOS

Fire Stilt Walking Show PHOTOS

Join our stunning stilt entertainers on a one of a kind experience! Infusing some of our best fire artists and stilt acts for an amazing walkabout fire act. Our amazingly skilled fire performers have created a breath taking and elegant fire performance that will leave a lasting impression over your event as guests look on wide eyed and jaws on the floor. Our phenomenal fire artists will bring the mystery of fire and love for circus themed entertainment to your stage as they ignite your event beyond standards truly providing an out of this world experience. Our fire stilt walkers are based in Ukraine and can perform at events worldwide.

Our spectacular walkabout fire act performers are draped in beautifully crafted costumes that are fine detailed with angelic sequins to help our fire artists stand out alongside the flames. Our amazing pyro shows will amaze spectators as our stilt entertainers tower above performing unique and wonderful feats of greatness, creating endless amounts of conversational starting points that will keep guests talking all day. Putting together a variety of props, our fire artists perform with sparklers, wand flames, and even a twirling stick of alluring fire.

Our fire stilt walkers will tower above guests ranging from 2.50 to 3.50 meters, and the performance can include more than 10 fire dancers for a sensational show clocking in around 4 to 15 minutes. Our fire performers also come prepared with a phenomenal flame thrower that will reach up to 10 meters to further create a sensational performance. Our amazingly talented fire stilt artists are the ideal entertainment for any corporate event, private party, street performance, and so much more. 

If you're interested in captivating guests with our beautiful fire walkabout act, contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will answer any and all questions you might have about our act, as well as help finalise all entertainment booking for your upcoming special occasion.


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