Sisi Food Sculptor

Fruit Sculptor Artist UK

Provides extraordinary food sculptures created out of fruit and vegetables
Bespoke vegetable and fruit carvings which can incorporate your name, brand or favourite character
Fun workshops are also available for your guests to learn how to create fruit and vegetable carvings of their own
Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, brand launches, Hallowe'en art installations and corporate business meetings
Our Food Sculptor Artist UK is based in the UK and available for bookings worldwide

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Our Food Sculptor Artist UK creates stunning artwork out of fruit and vegetables to provide beautiful table decorations and gorgeous food for any occasion. When thinking about your wedding, all couples want to make sure their whole day looks gorgeous; fruit carvings are a great way to give your wedding that extra wow factor. 

This Food Sculptor Artist UK makes outstanding designs out of watermelons and other fruit and vegetable sculptures including butternut squash, pears, strawberries, apples and more. Watermelon fruit carvings can be shaped into made to order fruit bowls which you can fill with alcohol! Watermelon designs are this food sculptor specialism; her rose themed watermelon carvings look and smell divine. 

Luxurious vegetable and fruit carvings give your event a luxurious feel and encourage guests, who may not have met before, to bond over the love of good food. Our UK based fruit and vegetable sculpture will help create a unique gift or brand logo to give to that special somebody whether it be a business partner, wedding present or VIP table decoration.

If you have a significant business meeting, conference or VIP party coming up then why not have your logo or name embedded in the food? After all, food is something that everybody loves and a food sculpture is a luxury that will make your guests talk about your display. 

Top TIp:

  • Can also provide fruit carving and food sculpture carving workshops for weddings and private parties in the UK. 
  • Is able to create Hallowe'en art installations and hold pumpkin carving workshops

Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole host of different unique event and entertainment ideas. You can check out our extensive roster for more food sculptures

If you would like to hire our Food Sculpture Artist UK, then please give our Entertainment Coordinators a call who have extensive knowledge in wedding and corporate entertainment. 

  • Carlsberg
  • Loreal
  • Aldi


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