Bouncers - Bouncing Stilt Walkers

Giant Bouncing Bouncers

Hilarious giant stilt walkers are the ultimate comedy act, complete with bouncing characters and hilarious sketches
Our bouncing bouncers are brilliant stilt characters that are highly entertaining and interactive
Large muscle suits and stilts make these stilt characters huge to look at but hilarious all at the same time
Perfect to have on the front door of any event
Based in Bristol and available for worldwide bookings

Giant Bouncing Bouncers PHOTOS

Book our hilarious comedy act giant stilt walkers for the ultimate security to have on your door. Watch our enormous stilt characters interact and entertain guests with their big muscular suits and hilarious sketches. These bouncing characters are sure to leave your guests giggling as they try to take themselves too seriously and fail miserably.

A comedy act that is fun, silly and hilarious to witness is a hit with all audiences as our bouncing characters stand on the front door interacting with guests as they arrive, doing fake ID checks, calling off snipers and radioing control through their ear pieces that go nowhere!

A brilliantly funny act that fits contextually as the giant stilt walkers work extremely well to have on the front door as your guests arrive so that they can keep them entertained from the moment they walk into your event. 

Our bouncing characters ensure that the start of the event runs smoothly but adds a bit of comedy to set the tone of the event as a fun and exciting evening. 

These stilt characters are brilliant as they do everything a bouncer thinks he should do but just magnified by 10000! Creating a hysterical comedy act sketch of bouncers taking themselves too seriously and failing miserably, making themselves look like fools instead of the big tough guy they are meant to be.  

In addition to our chunky bouncers stilt characters the muscle suits can also double up as giant sport characters such as American football players, creating a diverse and highly entertaining act.

For a comedy act that is highly interactive and entertaining, our giant stilt walkers and bouncing characters are the stilt characters you need to make your guests laugh right from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. 

To book our hilarious bouncing characters or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.