Cirque Mirage Entertainment - Giant Champagne Glass

Giant Champagne Glass

A giant champagne glass performance overflowing with class, seductiveness and wow factor
Perfect drinks entertainment for themed events, private parties, corporate events and brand launches
Choose between a water performance or alternative glass fillers from confetti to coloured liquid, empty and more
Multiple glass performers available for added impact
Based in California USA and available for worldwide bookings

Giant Champagne Glass PHOTOS

A giant champagne glass complete with elegant performer is the most glamorous entertainment you can get at any event! Our champagne glass burlesque performer is part living décor and installation art as the enormous champagne glass can be used for a glamorous entranceway, bar centrepiece, focal point and as interactive entertainment to ensure your guests have the time of their lives at your event.  

Our giant champagne glass immediately adds sophistication, class and elegance to any event as our beautiful performer dances around in her glass creating a graceful and mesmerising feature for all to gaze upon.  

Perfect for alcoholic brands, casinos, private parties, corporate events, Great Gatsby themed entertainment and any occasion that desires an elegant and sophisticated focal point.  

Not only can our giant martini glass feature our wonderful performer but the glass is 100% waterproof so liquid can be added to make a bigger splash at your event. 
A burlesque style performance that is gorgeous to watch dazzles audiences as our performer is dressed in true 1920s flapper girl attire complete with sparkly swing dress and feather head set – transporting guests to another era as well as looking every bit the millennial.  

 Whether it be for a private party or corporate event our giant champagne glass girl is a piece of art that creates interactive entertainment of the highest calibre. 

Dazzle your guests with our glamorous champagne/martini glass and burlesque performer, guaranteed to leave your guests talking about your event for years to come.  Our glass burlesque performer interacts with onlookers as they pass by, great for mix and mingle events and cocktail hours as this oversized glass is a feature not to be missed!

 To book our gorgeous martini glass performer for glamorous entertainment contact our Entertainment Specialists today.


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