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Golden Living Statues

Golden Living Statues offer head-turning characters in glittering gold dress
Our human statues mix glamour and humour for unforgettable interactive entertainment
Perfect street performers for festivals, shopping centres, corporate entertaining, exhibitions and more
An artistic and avant-garde choice with falling coins and golden cards
Made up from the best living statue artists based across Europe, our golden themed statues are available for international bookings

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Create a unique visual impact with our stunning Golden Living Statues. Up to eight charming characters perform together, in groups or alone for a glittering and avant-garde performance. 

Interacting with passers-by with falling coins, golden cards and humour, our human statues deliver an exceptionally high-quality interactive entertainment option. 

Fantastic for adding glamour and sparkle to any event setting, our professional street performers are perfect for everything from high-end venues and gala dinners to street theatre and festivals. 

Choose from a stage performance or roaming act depending on your event needs. Watch as guests gaze in wonder at our stunning golden themed statues as they stand motionless in various poses, before gracefully moving an arm or head in acknowledgement of guests. 

Fantastic as a subtle meet and greet act, our speechless human statues can nod and wave guests into the event for a grand yet graceful welcome.  

A fantastic photo opportunity, these glorious golden themed statues will happily pose for selfies with guests as they wander past. Wonderfully realistic and exceptionally still, our glamorous characters will surprise guests with a quick wink or sudden shift in position for fantastic expressive and interactive entertainment. Performing hilarious interaction between themselves through poses and motions, our street performers bring their characters to life.

Exceptional street performers that are masters of their craft, our human statues come prepared with beautifully crafted metallic costumes and body paint for a sensational and high-end look. 

Top Tip:

Seasoned performers in the realm of themed statues, our fantastic golden characters offer a whole host of human statue options to suit a range of themes. Choose from a number of finishes from stone, copper, ice, and dazzling precious metals. 

Discover more of our human statues acts and walkabout entertainment for further inspiration.

To book our Golden Living Statues for fantastic interactive entertainment and glamorous atmosphere, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.

" What a great choice of characters, so diverse but at the same time homogeneous between themselves. A true caricature of our modern days!! I can picture this act in so many different venues! Great work. "

KF Photography


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