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Heartbeat Lights Installation

Highly interactive entertainment and an immersive experience promoting mindfulness
See you own heartbeat reflected in a beating light with this biometric experience
The perfect mindful event entertainment for health and wellbeing conferences, trade shows, festivals, special events and more
A beautiful installation that will encourage mindfulness in both adults and children
Based in Barcelona, Spain, our Heartbeat Lights Installation is available for bookings worldwide

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Our stunning Heartbeat Lights Installation offers the perfect interactive entertainment to help people slow down, take stock and listen carefully to their own bodies. As the awareness of health and wellbeing grows, mindful event entertainment is becoming a hot topic. 

An engaging and immersive biometric experience, this interactive entertainment option lets guests light up trendy filament bulbs with their own heartbeat.

Sitting down on a cosy floor cushion beneath a filament bulb, guests place a sensor on their finger for a compelling biometric experience.

The sensor picks up on the rate of their heartbeat, sending a signal to the bulb where guests can see it light up in real time with their pulse. 

A fantastic group experience for children and adults alike, guests will be able to see their own and others' heartbeats in the flickering, beating bulbs around the room resulting in an intimate and visually beautiful immersive installation. 

Even more beautiful and effective in low light, create a serene and calming den at your event to house this calming biometric experience. 

Perfect for any event, venue or brand looking for a unique and interactive experience, our Heartbeat Lights Installation is sure to draw a crowd. The perfect interactive experience to promote mindfulness at conferences, corporate events, festivals, office wellness days, teambuilding activities and more, consider this biometric experience for an installation like no other.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of mindful event entertainment perfect for promoting health, wellbeing and mindfulness. Discover more of our chill out live music acts for winning combination that will touch each of the senses and create a soft, relaxing mood.

To book this beautiful twinkling experience and hire the Heartbeat Lights Installation for your event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to advise.

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