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Hoop Manipulation Duo

Fascinating hoop manipulation show with incredible choreographies and intricate precision
Mesmerising hula hoop show that many audiences will have never seen before
Duo has performed in many countries all over the world
Ideal family friendly circus entertainment suited to a variety of event types
Based in and around South East Asia and available for events worldwide

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Bringing together a fascinating new and unique concept, our Hoop Manipulation Duo delivers a mesmerising spectacle with incredible choreographies and intricate precision. If you’re looking for family friendly circus entertainment with a twist, this act is a great choice. 

Dressed as a hybrid of clowns and French mime artist, the hoop performers have put their brilliant hula hoop skills into a captivating mini hoop act that is a real joy to watch. You will be hoopnotised by the amazing ma manipulation of the mini hoops and perfectly choreographed body movements.

The husband and wife duo are originally from South Africa, now based and regularly travelling around the South Asia and India regions, they can deliver their exceptional live performances anywhere around the world. Having travelled to countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal and Cambodia, they have picked up a variety of skills and experience that enables them to deliver exceptional circus entertainment. 

Hoop manipulation is still a relatively new and unchartered area of circus entertainment, therefore booking the hoop performers and this amazing act means that your guests will get to see something very unusual. 

Top Tip:
This quirky pair of hoop performers is also available to perform as a Fire Hoop Duo for stunning night time shows.

Get in touch with our team of Entertainment Co-ordinators if you would like to book this engaging Hoop Manipulation Duo for your next event.


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