Satya Bella - Street Show

Hoop Street Show

Fantastic hula hoop dancer will deliver a stunning and high energy show to thrill audiences
Hoop street show will entertain audiences of all ages with incredible multi-hoop spinning and interactive tricks
Dramatic fire hula hoop act creates a striking and memorable sight
Graceful and elegant performer is the only person in the world to perform with flaming hoops and stunning cyr wheel at the same time
Amazing hula hoop dance act available worldwide

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Book our incredible hula hoop dancer for a stunning dance act that will captivate audiences around the world. Our acclaimed dancer performs a range of hula hoop dance acts that will thrill and entertain audiences of all ages. Our dazzling and high energy hoop street show is a lively and interactive performance that will amaze audiences as our incredible dancer performs incredible dance moves while spinning multiple hula hoops around her legs, feet and body in a mesmerising swirl of colour and motion.

This incredible performer will leave audiences stunned with her grace and flexibility as she performs her elegant and stylish routines, and our versatile dancer can even perform an incredible cyr wheel routine to give your guests something totally different. For an added flourish our hula hoop dancer performs with fire hula hoops to create an intense and dramatic act that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off.

Our sensational hula hoop dancer has been performing for ten years, taking hula hoop performances to the next level with her thrilling and innovative range of acts which have dazzled audiences in 42 countries all over the world. Our hoop street show is the perfect choice to draw crowds at street fairs, festivals and outdoor events of all kinds, and her hugely entertaining and interactive act will give guests an unforgettable experience.

This experienced and adaptable performer is the only person in the world who performs using a fire hula hoop while spinning inside a cyr wheel. Her high octane hula hoop dance act has wowed audiences at prestigious events like the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony and she has performed as part of the prestigious Flame Oz troupe and La Soiree show.

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of hula hoop acts and dancers for performances worldwide. 

To book our Hoop Street Show or another fantastic act contact our team.


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