Instrumental Jazz Trio Brazil

Fascinating and hugely talented instrumental Jazz trio
Incredible fusion and laid back jazz musicians
Trio brings a funky groove to any event or party
Able to perform with other musicians and vocalists
Based near Sao Paulo and available internationally

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Delight your guests with the fascinating sounds of our instrumental Jazz trio. The laid back cool essence of this live music fits into almost any event type or situation and has that element of swagger only,associated with contemporary Jazz artists 

Our instrumental jazz trio deliver high quality live music that acts as the soundtrack to your event. The hip and cool sounds of their contemporary jazz bring and air of sophistication and elegance. Their renditions of old songs bring them firmly into the 21st century and a offer a sonic delight for the listener. Easily adaptable to perform in a variety of locations, the Jazz trio is adept to performing with other musicians and even vocalist depending on the situation or client needs. 

The instrumental jazz trio was formed by a really talented pianist and keyboard player after six touring around the Caribbean, Africa, Western Europe and Eastern Europe and wanted to incorporate those experiences into jazz music. The instrumental Jazz trio have developed their own style of contemporary Jazz music fusing elements of other styles such as Latino, funk, soul, pop, reggae and samba and they deliver exciting covers in their own particular style. They have out of the ordinary reinterpretations of songs by the likes of Hermeto Paschoal, Tom Jobim, Dizzy Gillespie, Beethoven, Milton Nascimento, Chick Corea, Tania Maria and others. 

The trio is made up of hugely talented contemporary Jazz artists, each an expert musician and fully proficient at their instrument. Comprised of only the drums, keyboards and bass guitar means this live music trio don’t require much space and can fit into many locations. 

Because our instrumental Jazz trio don’t have any vocals they offer live music that is suited to many event types and can act as exciting background music as much as being the main act of your event. 

If you’re interested in booking these excellent contemporary Jazz artists, get in touch with our Entertainment Coordinators who will be more than happy to help. 

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