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Interactive Periscope

Interactive periscope lets kids and adults see their environment in a whole new way
Periscope mounted on one performer’s back with another person to help users
See your town or festival from a new perspective
Comic performers teach kids about science and geography
West Yorkshire-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Book our interactive periscope for humorous and educational kids’ entertainment. This festival game is great fun and curious kids will love seeing their environment in a whole new light. With information about science, geography, arts and technology, this teaches kids while they are having fun. This is novel interactive entertainment that everyone loves.

Grabbing attention from the outset with its imposing, tall structure, the periscope can be seen from far-and-wide and so stands out at festivals and in shopping centres. Once the audiences’s curiosity is piqued by the presence of this apparently moving structure, they’ll rush over to see what it is. 

In costumes, the act seem like mad explorers trying to find somewhere new. With a giant, mounted periscope on the back of one, the other follows around, looking in and teaching people how to look in. As it’s a little difficult for observers to look through the periscope while it’s on the move, the pair regularly stop at points of interest for the kids (and adults!) to have a peep at the world around them.

Viewing through the mirror gives an elevated perspective of the surroundings, allowing people to look over objects, round corners and over the top of people’s heads! For kids, interactively learning about refraction as well as engaging with this unique act is fun and educational. 

Perfect for shopping festivals and shopping centres, markets and a host of other walkabout-focused events, this act inspires and thrills kids. 

To book the Interactive Periscope, contact our team of entertainment experts today.

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