Kesha Ayres

International Female DJ

Phenomenal female DJ WOWs audiences with electrifying dance music
A highly talented club DJ who plays urban music from genres such as EDM, Big Room, Electro House, Commercial House, Hip Hop, Trance and many more
Resident DJ at the world famous Rock Bar in Ayana Resort
A DJ who encourages audiences to dance the night away by playing unbelievable tracks can even add her own vocals to the mix
Based in Devon and available for worldwide bookings

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An electrifying female DJ who can bring the mood up in any venue plays urban music that will leave your guests with no choice but to dance the night away to her brilliant dance music. Our club DJ has wowed audiences all over the globe with her remarkable talent for playing a variety of different genres and spreading her love of dance music everywhere she goes.

A British DJ and producer who has an undeniable passion for music has experimented with different sounds and genres for years after finding her talent for dance music at a young age. Our DJ performs mixes from genres such as; EDM, Big Room, Electro House, Progressive House, Commercial House, Dirty Dutch, Break-Beat, Melbourne Bounce, Trap, Hip Hop, Trance, Tech, Soulful, Deep House, Nu Disco and many more!

Throughout her career our club DJ has provided dance the night away music on tours through Indonesia, Bali, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Middle East and Kuala Lumpur. Always keeping the crowd on the dance floor with her extraordinary talent to keep audiences wanting more. Our female DJ is in high demand worldwide as she can even add her own vocals to her performances, adding another dimension to your event.

During her time in Bali our club DJ scaled the entire map of Indonesia, playing her urban music in some of Bali’s biggest clubs such as Sky Garden, Velvet Hypnotized, Boshe, Jakarta’s Luv Bar and Miles. 

Our talented female DJ has held part time residencies all over the world, including the world famous Rock Bar in Bali which was voted as one of the top 10 bars in the world by Forbes. As well as holding residencies at the B.A.B Lounge at the Luxurious 5* ShangriLa Resort in Oman playing an euphoric mix of Deep House, Nu Disco, Chill and Tech.

Whether you are hosting a club event or festival that wants a variety of dance music genres to get guests to dance the night away or if you are putting on a colour run, private party, rave or any occasion that desires phenomenal music and an electrifying atmosphere then our female DJ is the club DJ for you.

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