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Jump Rope Performers

Thrilling jump rope act offering sports shows & workshops for all ages
Have appeared on Fox’s show ‘Glee’ & numerous TV commercials
Comprised of some of the best jump rope dancers in the USA
Exciting sports entertainment for corporate events, conventions & more
Based in California & available to book for events worldwide

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If you’re looking for exciting sports entertainment packed full with impressive athletic feats that will get audiences’ adrenaline pumping, this is the sports show for you! 

Comprised of some of the best jump rope dancers in the USA, all with regional, national and world titles to their names, this jump rope act give thrilling high-energy performances that will appeal to international audiences of all ages. 

Our professional skipping rope dancers will amaze spectators as they execute impressive jumps, flips, twists and turns all around one or more skipping ropes as they are twirled at a blurring speed. Up to 25 jump rope dancers can perform on stage at one time, all with their own individual ropes simultaneously performing a synchronized routine, or in smaller groups of up to 6 executing complicated choreographies.

Our talented jump rope artists have performed on Fox’s hit show ‘Glee’ and appeared in numerous TV commercials for McDonald’s, Hillshire Farms, Lance Cracker, the Sport Authority and Show Carnival.

Hire our jump rope act for sporting events and festivals, as energising entertainment for a conference, as an exciting opener to a corporate function, or to encourage footfall at an exhibition. You can also book this jump rope team for corporate team building days as they deliver professional workshops.

Top Tip

Want to incorporate branding into this jump rope act’s performance to create a personalized sports themed show? These jump rope dancers can wear t-shirts sporting your logo, company logo or brand message. Talk to us for more information!