LED Diabolo Performer

Acclaimed diabolo juggler will captivate audiences with fascinating glow act
LED artist demonstrates impressive agility, speed, creativity, and choreography
Incredible circus entertainment that will have mass appeal with guests of all ages
Ideal for themed occasions, festivals, parties, gala dinners, ceremonies, etc.
Diabolo performer available to hire for events across Taiwan

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Lighten things up at your event with our fantastic LED artist, a professional diabolo juggler who will amaze and delight audiences as he puts on a captivating performance. Highly engaging circus entertainment that promises to leave guests with lasting memories and have everyone talking about your special occasion for a long time to come, this unique glow act is not to be missed. An extremely skilled artist who is passionate about his work, our diabolo performer is bound to be the highlight of your celebrations.

A fascinating circus skill that sees our talented juggler balancing two cups on a string and performing a series of high speed tricks that are sure to wow your guests, this is a unique form of entertainment that will have wide appeal with both young and old alike. Combining juggling and yo-yoing techniques, our diabolo performer will dazzle audiences as he tosses the diabolo in the air, spins and balances the diabolo, and even twists it around himself in an incredible display.

Showcasing amazing control, balance, and precision with his one of a kind glow act, our diabolo juggler will turn your event into an unforgettable experience as he forms complex shapes and enchanting visual illusions with his light up props. Adding an extra element of wow factor to the performance, the LED diabolos make for an intriguing spectacle, with our performer’s natural creativity and expert choreography guaranteeing you an excellent show.

An accomplished circus performer who always delivers an exceptional performance, our LED artist puts on a beautiful display with his diabolo juggling act, and is ideal for gala dinners, themed events, festivals, ceremonies, private parties and more, and is available to book for events throughout Taiwan.

A former finalist on China’s Got Talent, our brilliant juggler is just one of the many incredible circus entertainment options that we can offer for private and corporate events around the world. For more information about the extraordinary acts we can provide you with, contact our entertainment specialists today and let us help you make your special occasion truly exceptional.


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