Alchemy Flame - LED & Laser Show

LED Laser Show Ibiza

Stunning LED act that'll turn heads and capture attention.
Wonderful costumed performers will captivate with a variety of LED based costumes.
Delightful laser performance will keep guests engaged from start to finish.
Excellent LED show for family days, corporate functions, parties, festivals, etc.
Book roaming act for events across Spain.

LED Laser Show Ibiza PHOTOS

Book our eccentric and explosive LED act experience, and send your guests spiralling into our masterfully crafted galaxy filled with light! A hypnotic performance that features our surreal costumed performers utilising a pair of sensational and visually pleasing LED costumes. Our LED show is a wonderful and thought provoking performance that is bound to capture the attention of your guests from start to finish. Featuring an epic laser performance that will compliment your themes and styles, our roaming act experience will fill your event with a wonderful light hearted atmosphere.

Our pair of dazzling costumed performers will transport your guests on a magical journey that is filled with different lights and colours, maxing out into a 7 minute to 12 minute duo performance. Our LED act and roaming act are a visual illusion show experience that features exclusive designs and light props. Our laser performance and LED show will impress and compliment your guests' experience at your special event. Combining the traditional nature of a mix and mingle act to that of an explosive LED performance, our stunning and magical entertainers will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

A truly outstanding experience, our phenomenal costumed performers will take your event to the top, as they perform with charm, lovely personalities, and sophistication! A truly whimsical performance that our versatile performers can also adapt to your liking. Our LED act is a fun, laughter filled, and jaw dropping laser performance that will quickly take the spotlight at your event, and instantly become the point of conversation for the night. The perfect light performance for private parties, gala dinners, corporate functions, festivals, themed occasions, street performances, theatre performances, and more.

If you are interested in providing your guests a lovely LED act by booking our amazing LED costumed performers, contact our exceptional team of experts here at Scarlett Entertainment who are standing by to assist you with your booking needs.


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