BOOM! Percussion Entertainment - LED Trash Can Percussion​

LED Trash Can Percussion USA

High energy percussion shows with trash cans, buckets and various other recycled objects
Available as impactful and comical stage shows or highly interactive walkabout performances
Offer a variety of line-ups, dozen of costumes and options to brand their outfits and drums
Highly motivating junk drumming shows will bring energy to any event and amuse all the guests
From conferences to public festivals, this drumming group will make a lasting impression

LED Trash Can Percussion USA VIDEOS

LED Trash Can Percussion USA PHOTOS

Hire our remarkable and talented trash can drummers, and watch as your guests' light up with excitement and cheer thanks to our outstanding live music show experience. A sensational LED act and drum act that only comes equipped with the highest quality props. drummers, and drumming equipment. Our phenomenal performers are bound to "wow" your guests to their feet as they look on at the incredible playing style of our musicians. Providing your event a variety of different percussion sounds and beats, our drum show is sure to leave behind lasting impressions. 

Ensuring your audience stays engaged and entertained, our incredible drummers will bring to life an exciting LED act that transforms their drum act from a normal live music show, to an explosive performance filled to the brim with raving light sources. Professional trash can drummers can perform an assortment of different songs, and come prepared to possibly improv a fun filled on stage performance. Performing with passion, elegance, and joy, our exceptional drummers will demonstrate their playing styles while leaving your guests with unforgettable memories. 

A high energy drum act and LED act that can be adapted to compliment a number of different event types and styles. Our incredible drummers can also bring their on stage performance to your guests, up close and personal style, as our talented performers are also at the ready to roam throughout your event. A highly choreographed routine that is highly impressive and will make your social gathering the talk of your guests for weeks to come. The perfect live music show experience for private parties, trade shows, conventions, festivals, corporate functions, drink receptions, club performances, and much more.

Contact our fantastic event specialists here at Scarlett Entertainment if you are interested in bringing our incredible and skilled drummers and sensational LED act to your upcoming event.

  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • MESA Public Schools
  • Pinnacle High School
  • McDonald's
  • Spear Annual Summit
  • LG
  • Arizona Lottery


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