Jetpack Invasion

LED Water Jetpacks

Ignite the skies with this revolutionary hydrosport exhibition
Watch as our flyers spin, flip and dance in the air whilst lighting up water with vibrant colours
An LED jetpack that propels our flyers can create stunning shapes out of bright lights and intricate moves
A highly engaging water show that will draw in audiences from all over can be performed during the day and night
Based in Florida and available for worldwide bookings

LED Water Jetpacks VIDEOS

LED Water Jetpacks PHOTOS

Watch the water come alive with light before your very eyes. A team of professionals create the ultimate hydrosport exhibition using their LED jetpack, impressive skills and stunning lighting effects. A water show like no other that is futuristic, engaging and visually stunning to behold.

A hydrosport show that incorporates extreme water sports, jetpack technology and fluorescent LED lighting is the ultimate water show. A hydrosporting activity that has become increasingly popular amongst tourists and adrenaline junkies, hydroflight is an immensely impressive sport that is difficult to master but when perfected, this intricate sport captivates the attention of every passer by!

With a dynamic team of experienced flyers, electronic engineers, national world record breakers and sponsored hydroflight athletes, this phenomenal water show is one of the best of its kind with its daring stunts, impressive flips and immaculate routines.

Through the use of their waterproof LED jetpacks this act looks like real life heroes as they plunge in and out of the water, rising like a phoenix covered in incredible displays of brightly coloured LED lights and glowing rays. 

A must see water show that will captivate audiences of all ages, perfect for brand launches, product launches, corporate events, opening ceremonies and any event that is near water! Our phenomenal hydrosport exhibition team have performed LED water shows for corporate parties, large city events, holiday resorts, cruise ships and TV shows. 

In addition to performing an LED hydrosport display our team of athletes can perform impressive water displays during the day, without their LED suits! Perfect for day events, evening parties and any occasion that desires impressive water displays packed with flips, dolphin like movements and incredible spins. A versatile act that is guaranteed to WOW audiences worldwide.

To book our phenomenal hydrosport show or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today!



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