Illizium - Wings Act

LED Winged Dancers

A dynamic light dance show carried out by female light performers dressed in gorgeous feather costumes
Dancers wear extremely bright wings that allow the show to be carried out in the open in broad daylight
Choreographies can be adapted to specific Brazilian or samba songs to suit event’s requirements
A carnival inspired act ideal for Brazilian theme parties and events taking place at night
Book these LED Winged Dancers for events in Dubai and all around the world

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Bring the good vibes and energy or Brazil carnival to your event with these colourful LED Winged Dancers. Our dynamic female light performers will captivate guests at your party with their energy-filled light dance show, a carnival inspired act that will put everyone in a party mood.

Dressed in gorgeous feather costumes, our LED Winged Dancers will perform a show that will brighten up your party not only with their shinning wings, but also with their

With up to four female light performers available for bookings, this carnival inspired act can be tailored in terms of music. Our LED Winged dancers can adapt their choreographies to follow any Brazilian or samba song on request. That way, this light dance show is guaranteed to satisfy different tastes and suit a wider range of events.

Although usually recommended for evening and night parties for greater visual impact, this light dance show can be also booked even for events taking place during the day. This has to do with the fact that the wings our female light performers wear are extremely bright, making it easier to be seen even in daylight.

Ideal for Brazilian theme parties, carnival celebrations and festivals, this carnival inspired act will create a lively and vibrant atmosphere at any event. Don’t miss the opportunity to amaze guests at your party with this

These talented group of performers have brighten up parties all over Dubai and in different countries including Turkey, Lebanon and Qatar, to name a few. Two up to four female light dancers can bring their gorgeous feather costumes, talent and energy to your party or big celebration, providing it with something truly special and unique.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a wide range of LED acts perfect to create a visual impact and dazzle guests at your upcoming events.

To book these LED Winged Dancers, get in touch with our in-house team of specialists today and request further details on this act.

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