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Lightning Show

Our performers wield 10 foot arcs of lightning generated from Giant Tesla Coils
Our show packages weave together the arts of fire dancing, acrobatics, and theatrical storytelling for a high impact performance
With a range of performances available, from Solo Lightning Dancing acts, to our Giant Tesla Troupe
Perfect for corporate events, brand launches, car reveals, music videos and promotional videos
Based in California and available for worldwide bookings

Lightning Show VIDEOS

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A California based Fire and Lightning performing arts company. Our mythical Lightning Show characters bring the elemental forces of nature to life in a spectacular production, inspiring audiences around the globe.

Our Tesla Performers wield real bolts of high voltage electricity. The arcs they manipulate can be up to 10 feet long and reach temperatures of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is over half as hot as the surface of the sun!

Our Lightning Show packages represent the spectrum of performances that our Tesla-Coil Act can produce including Fire, LED, Tesla Lightning, and Giant Tesla Lightning. From Solo Lightning Dancing to our Giant Tesla Troupe, we can put together an extraordinary show for your events unique needs. 

Our Tesla-Coil Act's mission is to connect audiences to their inner power. Through theatrical storytelling enhanced by fire, light and high voltage electricity, our shows are designed to remind us of the power of our choices and question what it means to be a hero in the modern day.

Nikola Tesla, inventor and social visionary, hoped to see his discoveries transform the world in a positive way. Our Lightning Show performers wish to honor his memory by creating innovative, spectacular performances that inspire audiences to be aware of how our choices conduct the energy to create the future.

With a wide range of shows available this brilliant Tesla-Coil act can be performed as a solo performance with a lightning performer dancing solo with 10 foot arcs of high voltage electricity from their flaming props that make for an unforgettable event entertainment option that is packed with jaw dropping feats of science and drama.

Guaranteed to have audiences from all over the world on the edge of their seats as our Lightning Show performances take place, you’ll be amazed at how powerful each and every show is. 

To book our Lightning Show or for more information about the Lightning performances available, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.