Stereo Sound - Live Looping Duo

Live Looping Acoustic Duo

Our unique live looping act plays cool pop, soul and Motown arrangements
Our loop station duo uses the looping station to create additional melodies and sounds of bass, guitar and percussion
Perfect live music entertainment for parties, weddings, special occasions, intimate events, venues and more
Add further musicians such as sax, double bass or cajon percussion to our cover duo for double the impact
Based in London, UK, our Live Looping Acoustic Duo is available for international bookings

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A unique and highly engaging live music entertainment option, our Live Looping Acoustic Duo delivers fantastic cover arrangements of well-known songs for a special twist on ordinary cover duos. 

Playing cool renditions of pop, soul, acoustic, jazz, funk, and Motown hits, this novel live looping act is sure to blow audiences away with the big sound and dynamic stage presence from just two artists. 

With our cover duo’s guitarist using a loop station to create different guitar, bass and percussion melodies, vocals are lead by our passionate female singer who also picks up shakers to add to the percussion and performance.

A highly popular option, our loop station is constantly in demand to play an array of events from parties and weddings to corporate events, openings, bars and restaurants, and more.

Fantastic in a small space, achieve a big sound with our live looping act. Just as effective in intimate venues and cosy gatherings as they are at larger events, our loop station duo is sure to be a hit with all audiences and delivers the sound of a full band with the cost-effectiveness of two musicians. 

Top Tip:

Throwing your event in a larger space or looking for more musicians? Why not add a double bass, sax or cajon percussion to fill out our cover duo line up and create double the impact. Our talented musicians also offer a jazz and party band line up for all your live music entertainment needs.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a huge range of live music entertainment spanning cover duos, bands and more. Discover more of our live looping acts available to perform in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East and beyond.

To book this exceptional Live Looping Acoustic Duo for thrilling live music entertainment at your next special event, contact our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to advise.