Rachel Evans - Human Barbie

Living Fashion Doll

Our human doll is a carbon copy of the popular child’s toy
A novel walkabout character available for appearances, meet and greets, photo opportunities and more
Has a whole wardrobe of outfits from fairytale gowns, swimsuits, and gym gear to take her from children’s parties to adult events and more
Stunning life-sized toy will blow audiences away with her doll-like looks
Based in London, UK, our Female Living Doll is available for bookings worldwide

Living Fashion Doll PHOTOS

Looking for a novel walkabout character to make waves at your next event? Look no further than our beautiful Living Fashion Doll whose doll-like figure and features are sure to mesmerise audiences. 

With a whole wardrobe of outfits and props to transform her into any character under the sun, play dress up with our doll lookalike and create the perfect walkabout character to fit the theme of your event or occasion. 

Throwing a little girl’s birthday party? Our life-sized toy will enchant in a fairytale gown. Our doll lookalike can perform makeup tutorials for teens, meet and greet at a fashion event, pose for photos in a whole host of costumes for shoots, and makes a fantastic photo opportunity at product launches, PR stunts, parties and more. 

Able to dress in an outfit to reflect any theme, culture, occupation and more, choose from dozens of walkabout characters from princess, retro, sporty, pop star, business… the list is endless!

Able to perform as a human statue, our human doll will stare through glassy eyes while performing a series of doll-like poses. Or perform a friendly and outgoing interactive performance for meet and greets as a life-sized toy. 

Top Tip:

Undergoing a series of cosmetic surgery procedures to achieve her doll lookalike appearance, our human doll can also deliver speaking sessions exploring her journey to achieve her Living Fashion Doll lifestyle. A fascinating insight into life as a life-size toy, our human doll makes a unique and captivating speaker for your event. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole host of walkabout characters for events in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East and beyond. Discover our roster of mix and mingle entertainment for animal characters, robots, life-sized toys, and more.

To book our Female Living Doll to make an appearance at your next special event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who’ll be able to help with any doll lookalike enquiries.


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