SuperTallPaul - Looping Artist

Looping Artist & Entertainer

Award-winning, world champion vocal looping artist!
Offers a unique looping set listened to through headphones
Perfect for venues with noise restrictions in place
Ideal for festivals, clubs, corporate events & VIP events
Based in California & available to perform at events worldwide

Looping Artist & Entertainer VIDEOS

Looping Artist & Entertainer PHOTOS

This incredible award-winning vocal looping artist in California has been taking events across the USA by storm with his amazing displays of vocal prowess and his unique concept show – the Listening Salon. 

The Vocal Looper Extraordinaire

Incorporating soulful vocals, the upbeats sounds of a ukulele, saxophone, flute, harmonica, impressive beatboxing and bass effects and even a nose whistle, this incredibly talented artist offers a vocal looping performance that has won him numerous awards and seen him regaled as one of the best vocal looping artists in the world! 

Not just a looping artist, this performer is also a highly accomplished entertainer fond of the vaudeville style of entertainment and incorporates many elements of this genre into his vocal looping performances. In this way he creates a show that is engaging, fun, rhythmic, musical and a tad theatrical. Our Looping Artist & Entertainer is the modern day one-man-band!

Hire this brilliant vocal looping show for festivals, corporate events, VIP celebrations & much more. 

The Listening Salon 

A unique take on the silent disco concept, this astonishing act offers participants a fun and novel way to listen to this artist’s second-to-none vocal looping skills! Comprised of a mobile vocal looping station and a vast array of headsets, the Listening Salon invites people to don some vintage headphones and listen to our looping artist’s performance as the event continues to take place around them – amazing!  

The Listening Salon is ideal for venues with noise restrictions like galleries, clubs, restaurants or outdoor areas not designated for a sound system. As the set-up is silent and compact it can be taken and set-up virtually anywhere; this is a great and unique musical show for intimate groups… a musical party within your event!

Top Tips

  • Worried about the technical requirements? Don’t worry, our expert artist comes equipped with 20 sets of headphones and our expert entertainment coordinators are on hand to advise on the tech. 
  • Looking for an original team building exercise? Book our Looping Artist to create a Live customized piece of music that uses your delegates and VIP’s as the music and . Ask us for more detail!