Stuart Palm

Mentalist Magician Hong Kong

Incredible mentalist will entertain and amaze guests with his paranormal abilities.
Captivating magic show features unbelievable tricks and illusions that need to be seen to be believed.
Astonishing mind reader will draw accurate portraits while blindfolded and guess hidden words and pictures using his psychic gifts and intuition.
Acclaimed magician has performed incredible shows all over Asia and amazed celebrity guests including Alicia Keys and Hugh Jackman.
Available for stage shows, corporate entertainment and roaming close up magic at events worldwide.

Mentalist Magician Hong Kong PHOTOS

Book our incredible and enigmatic mentalist for an astonishing show of mesmerising magic and illusions. Our incredible magician will perform the most incredible magic tricks in this charismatic and engaging performance. Guests will be amazed as our mind reader looks straight into their heads and uses his unique gifts to amaze and captivate audiences for his entire show. Featuring the most impressive quick fire close up magic on the market, our talented performer will bring a magic atmosphere to any event. His incredible stage show promises to be an unforgettable magic show full of wow-factor moments, audience participation and plenty of laughter. 

This dynamic and charismatic performer has been around magic all his life, having been fascinated by illusions, human psychology and the paranormal from an early age. These passions drive his unique and mysterious magic show. Using seemingly psychic powers of intuition and guesswork our magician will perform blindfolded portraits of guests and guess hidden objects and pictures in a high impact and unbelievable performance. His incredible skills are perfect for adding a unique attraction to parties or corporate events as guests will be drawn to his performance and blown away as he accurately draws their portrait without ever having seen them. Our versatile magician also makes an ideal roaming performer to mingle with guests and amaze them with all manner of close up magic. For the ultimate performance out mentalist will dazzle audiences with his full stage show, perfect for after dinner parties or for adding that magical surprise factor to cabaret entertainment evenings. This versatile and accomplished magician and mind reader has amazed audiences worldwide and earned rave reviews wherever he goes.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you an incredible range of top flight magic and mentalist acts to amaze and entertain your guests. Contact our expert team to book one of our incredible acts.

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