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Mermaids Las Vegas

Beautiful real life mermaids will add authenticity to your under the sea or beach themed party
Can sit ashore in the beach or at the edge of a pool and pose for pictures
Mermaid performers have a variety of tails and hair ornaments they can wear for different occasions
A visually stunning and technically complex water bowl act is also available for bookings in Las Vegas
Our Mermaid are available for events in Las Vegas and around the US

Mermaids Las Vegas PHOTOS

Take your upcoming under under the sea and beach themed event to the next level by booking these Mermaids from Las Vegas, the perfect meet and greet option for your pool party or any other VIP celebration.

Our mermaid performers will add a touch of authenticity to any themed occasion. They can wear a variety of costumes and tails of different colours to fit your event’s theme. As you can see in the pictures above, our real life mermaids can wear matching tails and tops and also more sophisticated costumes and stunning hair ornaments.

These mermaid entertainers provide a stunning photo opportunity. Friendly and smiley, they are always happy to pose for pictures and share a nice conversation with your party guests. Sat ashore or at the edge of a swimming pool, our real life mermaids are the perfect compliment to your event’s theme and will help you achieve the perfect event atmosphere. These meet and greet characters are guaranteed to bring the magic of these mystical creatures to your occasion and get people sharing pictures on social media.

The perfect meet and greet entertainment option for festivals, weddings, hotels, pool parties, and other VIP events, our real life mermaids are sure to be an instant hit at any celebration. Whatever the occasion, our mermaid performers are guaranteed to add a mystical vibe to your party and make it one to be remembered!

Top Tip:

If you’re organising and event or party in Las Vegas, our mermaid entertainers can also offer a water bowl performance, a visually stunning stage show that is both beautiful and technically complex.

If you would like to book these Mermaids in Las Vegas or around the US, then don’t wait anymore and contact us today. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on these mermaid entertainers and assist you in the booking process.


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