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Mime Act Berlin

Silent, physical theatre at its best they will delight guests
Can convey messages, emotions and characters without speaking a word
Perfect for private parties, trade fairs and shopping mall events
Previous clients include Red Bull, VW, Wella, Hugo Boss, and Porsche
Based in Berlin and available to perform at events worldwide

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Masters of physical theatre, these Berlin mime artists take mime to a whole new level. They have no need for costume changes and loud theatrics; they can convey messages, emotions and characters without speaking a single word.

Charismatic and charming they will endear themselves to guests in an instant as they welcome and meet and greet guests, serve drinks and canapés, hand out giveaways and dance the night away with your guests, on the dance floor. Their spontaneous humorous sketches and amusing antics add another dimension to their highly entertaining act.

This talented mime artists can use their body language and gestures to offer a warm welcome to guests. Best of all? They can do it with a little red carpet and visual comedy! They also oofer close up entertainment, which makes them the ideal interactive entertainment option for any event requiring audience's participation. But what makes their mime act really special is the unforgettable memories they can provide guests with in the form of instant pictures. Our mime performers can bring a polaroid camera to your event and take pictures of and with your guests!

​They have successfully entertained guests at events for Red Bull, VW, Porsche and Sony. These mime artists offer a fantastic and personal way to promote a product or brand at corporate events and trade fairs. They are also the perfect choice of unobtrusive entertainment at private parties as they ensure that your guests have a great time without making them feel uncomfortable! Either as solo mime artists or as a group, they will be the highlight of your event.

If you're interested in booking this fantastic mime act, contact us today and make your enquiry!

  • Wella
  • Fiel Man Federal Ministry of Economy
  • Porsche
  • Sony
  • Red Bull
  • Peek & Cloppenburg
  • Hugo Boss
  • LG
  • & more
  • VW