Qibu Culture - Motorcycle Show

Motorcycle Stunt Show

A thrilling, exhilarating & truly unforgettable live experience
Gravity defying acts of bravery bring undeniable wow-factor to any event
Up to 6 professional motorcyclists perform at once
An edge-of-your-seat world-class performance
Based in Zhengzhou & available to perform at events worldwide

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This professional motorcycle stunt group give high-octane performances that will add undeniable wow-factor to opening ceremonies, after dinner shows, festivals and more.

This thrilling show - complete with atmospheric lighting and dramatic music - begins with three daring performers speeding around the inside of a giant spherical metal cage. One by one their numbers increase until not four, not five, but six motorcyclists race around this tiny enclosed space at dangerous speeds! Audiences will be gasping in amazement and perched on the edges of their seats as they watch this spectacular gravity defying show!

A real crowd-puller this is one of the most dangerous and spectacular motorcycle stunt performances in Asia. Bravery, daring and unparalleled skill combine to make this incredible stunt show a must-see performance.