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Olympic Cyclist Joanna Rowsell

Exceptional Olympic cyclist will provide ground breaking motivational speeches and talks.
Skilled cyclist Joanna Rowsell will inspire your guests in a variety of ways.
Sensational motivational speaker that will get the points across in an interactive setting.
Ideal gold medallist for private parties, ceremonies, motivational conferences, and more.
Book sports speakers for events throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Treat your guests to world renowned gold medallist and Olympic cyclist, Joanna Rowsell! A fantastic and intriguing motivational speaker and sports speaker that will help motivate and inspire your guests no matter their age. Joanna Rowsell took the gold with her team during the 2012 London Olympic games and is preparing to do the same for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Our Olympic champion has come along way from her cycling start, and is the perfect option to get youths motivated and interested in pursuing their dreams, as with Joanna Rowsell, nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.

A sensational motivational speaker and sports speaker, Joanna Rowsell is experienced at motivational speaking and deploying employee motivation that will give your employees a much needed push in the right direction. Our skilled Olympic cyclist can also provide a unique question and answer session, as well as a variety of meet and greet experiences, to further immerse your guests in the speaking of our gold medallist. Our phenomenal motivational speaker will keep guests smiling, laughing, and feeling accomplished about their own set dreams and goals.

Your guests will love Joanna Rowsell, as our gold medallist presents a down to earth, motivated, and humble personality as she answers an assortment of questions no matter the subject. Delivering an alluring atmosphere quality to your special event or social gathering, our exceptional Olympic cyclist turned motivational speaker is bound to leave your guests with unforgettable memories and lasting impressions. Our Olympic gold medallist is the perfect speaking option for private parties, corporate functions, trade shows, motivational conferences, theatre gatherings, themed occasions, gala dinners, and more. 

If you're interested in booking Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell, contact our fantastic Scarlett Entertainment event specialists so you can finalize all booking details and bring our Olympic sized motivational speaker to your next special event or gathering.