Oriental Chinese Dance Shows

Oriental Chinese Dance Shows

Sensational Chinese dance shows that are sure to add an oriental touch to events
Performances inc. lion dance, dragon dance, fan dance, umbrella and ribbon dancers
Dance shows can be performed with from six to up to twelve dancers
Perfect for shopping malls, public festivals, culture and themed events and more
Book our Chinese dance shows for events in London, Dubai and worldwide

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Our Chinese dance shows combine a variety of Chinese entertainment including traditional Lion dance and Dragon dance, glamorous fan dancers and ribbon dancers, Chinese umbrella dance, and Samurai dance. These authentic Chinese dancers will bring a true touch of the Orient to your event.

Chinese dancers showcase beautiful and elaborate costumes; floral tunics, flowing skirts, silk trousers all in a variety of coloured silks and patterns as well as a stunning yellow lion and red and gold dragon. Dramatic make-up, traditional hairstyles and authentic props complete the impeccable detail that has been put into making these performances not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing but also authentic. Each performance has an accompanying costume perfectly suited to the style and theme of the dance.

The Lion dance and Dragon dance can be performed both as a roaming act and on stage, our Lion dance uses two performers and can also be accompanied by two authentic Chinese drummers, whilst our dragon dance requires six skilled performers who will effortlessly guide this majestic giant around your event and in a choreographed routine on stage.

Our beautiful group of Chinese dancers performing the fan dance, ribbon dance and umbrella dancer present an elegantly choreographed performance that can be perform both indoors and outdoors, catering to your venue. Our professional female dancers can also perform a Samurai inspired acrobatic performance with a trio of live percussionists. Offering a versatile and eclectic range of Chinese entertainment options performed by professional dancers and circus artists, our Chinese dance shows are perfect for shopping malls, public celebrations and festivals, themed events, private parties and corporate events.

To find out more about the specifics of each of our Chinese dance shows get in contact with our experienced entertainment coordinators. They are also more than happy to discuss customisable option and talk through all the different ways these acts can work at your event, both as individual acts and as a combination of performances.

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