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Paparazzi Duo

Pretend paparazzi photographers will make your guests feel like A-list celebs
Can meet & greet guests as they arrive at your event or hound them throughout the occasion
Perfect ice breaking entertainment, sure to get guests talking and laughing
Past clients include Virgin, Glastonbury Festival and F1 Bahrain
Based in the UK & available to perform at events worldwide

Paparazzi Duo PHOTOS

These cheeky paps are sure to create a buzz at your event. Hot on the hunt for A-list celebrities, the slightly myopic photographers may become confused and tirelessly pursue all of your guests regardless of their not-so-VIP status. 

The ideal entertainment for festivals, corporate events, Hollywood themed parties and more, this interactive act is sure to get guests talking and laughing together. 

Having performed at Glastonbury festival, Bahrain's Formula 1 and for top clients such as Virgin, the experienced performers are never short of witty remarks and hilarious physical comedy. Whether you would like the paparazzi to chase guests as they enter your venue or mix and mingle during the event, they are guaranteed to make everyone feel like the centre of attention.

  • Szigit festival
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Brighton Festival
  • Henley Festival
  • Paramount Comedy Festival
  • S.O.M.A Festival
  • X leisure
  • Virgin
  • Brighton & Hove football club
  • Beautiful Days Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Larmer Tree Festival
  • Shrewsbury Festival
  • V Music Festival
  • F1 Bahrain
  • Waterford Spraoi