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Peaky Blinders Stunt Show

With years of experience putting on high quality stunt men performances
Available as mix and mingle Peaky Blinders characters or as thrilling set-pieces featuring fight scenes from our highly experienced stuntmen
Peaky Blinders characters include: Thomas Shelby, Arthur Shelby, Alfie, Polly, Italian Hitman, and Luca Changretta etc
Stunt man Carlos even featured in the final series of Peaky Blinders in the Gym Attempted Murder Scene
Based in East Sussex, UK and available for worldwide bookings

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Bringing the drama and violence of 1920s Birmingham to your event, our Peaky Blinders Stunt Show wow guests and transport them to the set of the hit television show instantly. With authentic Peaky Blinders characters our stunt men reenact scenes with their own unique twist and creativity, stunning guests and immersing them in 1920s Birmingham.

Our stunt men can dress as the Shelby’s or can be booked as other gangster’s. They can interact with your guests before breaking out into a mass brawl that can feature Peaky Blinders characters and much more. The perfect way to create immersive themed entertainment that enhances the Peaky Blinders theme in the most true to form way possible. 

An English television crime programme set in post-war Birmingham, Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic that is packed full of violence, hardships and crime. Nominated for many awards, Peaky Blinders has become a must watch crime series that has translated into the events industry with Peaky Blinders themed parties, entertainment and more.

Whether you are hosting a Peaky Blinders themed event or looking for Peaky Blinders themed entertainment for your next corporate event our talented stunt men have years of experience putting on high quality performances that feature choreographed stunt and fight scenes 

Our Peaky Blinders themed entertainment provide great characters for your meet and greet and exciting set-pieces to thrill your guests, able to tailor the entire evening to suit your requirements.

Characters available are: 

  • Thomas Shelby
  • Alfie
  • Luca Changretta (Italian mafia style character)
  • Italian Hitman
  • Arthur Shelby
  • Polly

An example of a Peaky Blinders Stunt Show is as follows:

  1. The Blinders in position after meet and greet
  2. Alfie's Speech
  3. Entrance of Luca and hitmen
  4. Fist fight
  5. Single gunshot, end fist fight
  6. Thomas pays off the Italians
  7. Lucas departs and leave notepad with three client names on, one of them has betrayed the Peaky Blinders
  8. Thomas announces that they have names for who snitched on them. After main course they will be dealt with.
  9. End Scene.

*Scene duration 5-10 Minutes

With multiple scenes available our Peaky Blinders themed entertainment can be customised to suit a wide range of events and themes.

To book our Peaky Blinders Stunt Show or for more information about booking Peaky Blinders themed entertainment contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

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