Vladimir Burkhardt

Piano Entertainer Vladimir

Multitalented pianist, singer, composer & entertainer will WOW guests
Will liven up your event with his infectious energy & charisma
Repertoire includes: jazz, swing, pop, soul, R & B, Latin & Salsa
Previous clients include Mercedes-Benz, Porsche & Kempinski Hotels
Based in Dusseldorf, Germany & available to perform worldwide

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A multitalented pianist, singer, composer and entertainer, Vladimir will liven up your event with his infectious energy, charm and charisma.

A piano virtuoso, he plays music from across the ages, from Romantic and Impressionist, to Contemporary. His repertoire covers an extensive range of genres: classical, jazz, swing, soul, R & B, Latin, salsa, rumba, Bossa Nova and dance, and has something to suit listeners of all musical tastes and ages. His incredible performances will WOW guests as his fingers dextrously dance across the keys, creating lively and upbeat music that will have everyone tapping their feet and itching to get on to the dance floor!

In addition to performing as a soloist, Vladimir can perform alongside a band and DJ and alongside high profile guests creating the ultimate live entertainment for your gala, party, wedding, corporate function or festival.