XPogo Extreme Pogo Team

Pogo Stick Display Team

Record-holding extreme pogo display team perform breathtaking jumps and flips and take your event to a whole new level
Happy to wear branded clothing and adapt their stunt show to different spaces and types of events
Extensive list of previous clients include Coca Cola, NBA, Apple, GoPro, Facebook, Disney, etc.
Extreme pogo entertainment is suitable for half time shows, advertising campaigns, sporting events, festivals, etc.
These Pogo Stick Display Team are available for bookings in the US and all over the world

Pogo Stick Display Team VIDEOS

Pogo Stick Display Team PHOTOS

If you’re in search of an entertainment option that leaves guests at your event wide-eyed, then these Pogo Stick Display Team is what your special occasion needs!

Feast your audience’s eyes on the astounding stunt show delivered by this sensational pogo stunt group. Flying over 10 feet in the air on extreme pogo sticks throwing down flips and incredible tricks, these stunt riders brings the sport to events worldwide. Extremely energetic, these pogo stick display team are a hit everywhere, every time.

This superb pogo stunt team never fails to impress with their breathtaking jumps and flips. Our extreme pogo display team’ awe-inspiring shows are truly engaging and visually spectacular! Our record-holding pogo stunt team will work closely with you to transform what you have in mind into reality.

Ideal for a diverse range of occasions, extreme pogo entertainment is a popular choice for half time entertainment, advertising campaigns, sporting events, festivals, exhibitions and many more! Our extreme pogo riders’ extensive list of previous clients include some major brands such as Coca Cola, NBA, Apple, GoPro, Facebook, Coca Cola and Disney, to name a few.  

This pogo stunt team has travelled the world entertaining large crowds and taking events to a whole new level. They have performed more than 10,000 live shows in more than 23 countries! Our riders have also been Citroen and Nissan’s brand ambassadors and have participated in numerous TV adverts and promotional events all over the world.

Available in different lineups, our pogo stunt group is happy to tailor their performances and adapt them to different spaces. Our riders can also wear branded clothing and come up with creative ideas and also listen to yours, no matter how crazy they sound!

At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing the best extreme pogo entertainment for events in the US and worldwide.

Book our phenomenal Pogo Stick Display Team by getting in touch today. Our wonderful team of Entertainment Coordinators will be delighted to provide further details on this pogo stunt team and assist you in the booking process.

  • Calgary Stampede
  • Disney
  • Facebook
  • Great Lake Loons
  • Mumfest
  • Nickelodeon
  • Rainbows End Theme Park
  • State Warrios
  • Woodlands Church
  • Apple
  • Coca Cola
  • Ekka – Royal Show of Queensland
  • GoPro
  • Monster Jam
  • NBA
  • Performance Communications
  • State Fair of Texas
  • Whistle Sports
  • York Revolution
  • ...and many more!
  • CNE

" You guys killed it! You brought a combination of entertainment and athleticism that was a great fit for the NBA and did it all with a professionalism that made it a total pleasure to work with you "

Jason Glifillian, NBA Global Games Director

" Their act was perfect for pre-game and between inning-entertainment, not only does it wow the crowd, it gives fans something they’ve never seen before "

Paul Braverman, York Revolution Director

" A real crowd pleaser, highly recommended! The crowds were great and thoroughly enjoyed the shows. They were fantastic! "

Lynne Harakal, Mumfest Executive Director

" The show was clean, sharp, fun and exciting. The crew was pleasant, easy to work with, very accommodating and always engaged the audience. Two thumbs up! "

Zis Parras, Canadian National Exhibition Director

" Definitely one of the most professionally managed acts I’ve dealt with. You guys put on a fantastic how for us and were a pleasure to work with "

Marco Nicola, Golden State Warrios Director


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