Rico Diks - Pool Champion

Pool Trick Shot Artist

A professional pool player, our Pool Trick Shot Artist will wow with spectacular trick shots
For a unique teambuilding experience have our pool coach share his tips and tricks to improve your skills
Our snooker pro can perform incredible trick shows, play challenge matches, coach your guests, host tournaments and more
Our professional pool player boasts countless awards and is ranked in the top 25 players in the world
Based in London, UK, our Pool Trick Shot Artist is available for international bookings

Pool Trick Shot Artist VIDEOS

Pool Trick Shot Artist PHOTOS

A champion in his field, our Pool Trick Shot Artist and professional pool player is available to hire for a range of events to show off his skills and wow guests.

Able to perform incredible trick shot shows, guests won’t believe their eyes as our professional pool player effortlessly achieves elaborate shots and tricks. 

Having advised a number of actors for TV and film, as well as choreographing complicated tricks for adverts, shows, entertainment and more, our experienced snooker pro is sure to blow you away.

Also offering a unique and engaging teambuilding experience, your guests will be the stars of the show as our pool coach individually critiques their technique. Coming away with a wealth of tips and tricks that will improve their game, guests will love learning from the experience and skills of our European champion snooker pro. 

A skilled host, networker, entertainer and performer, our professional pool player is the perfect snooker star to run a tailor-made fun tournament, host your party, or entertain at corporate events. 

Highly experienced, our pool coach holds a number of awards and titles from the Word, European and Dutch championships, as well as being ranked in the top 25 players in the world, and a commentator for Sky Sports and ESPN Star Sports.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole range of hosts, experts, sports stars beyond snooker pros and more for unique and engaging teambuilding experiences. Discover more of our high-quality roster of teambuilding activities for further inspiration. 

To book our Pool Trick Shot Artist for a stunning show, teambuilding session, novel entertainment, host and more, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts.



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