Melody Duo

Pop and Jazz Duo

A highly talented & charismatic, must-see Pop and Jazz duo
Their main aim is to satisfy all tastes with carefully selected songs
Members sing & play instruments adding another dimension to their shows
Genres include, contemporary, jazz, pop, latin, soul & chill out
Based in Sofia, Bulgaria & available to perform at events worldwide

Pop and Jazz Duo VIDEOS

Pop and Jazz Duo PHOTOS

Pop and Jazz Duo is a “must see” top class duo formed from very young and talented, professionally educated musicians, whose main goal is to satisfy all tastes, performing well selected songs from the very well-known Jazz standards and classics of the 60’s-80’s up to modern day.

Their high motivation and enthusiasm adds another dimension to their performances and their spectacular behaviour on stage fulfils even the most sophisticated demands.

They don’t miss a chance to participate any musical challenges and their mutual aim is to conquer the world’s stages together. Their excellent show appeal and charisma makes them crowd favourites whenever they perform.

Rounding out this wonderful duo is Evelina – vocalist & flutist, her soulful presence and outstanding vocal technique gives the duo impression of joy and youth, while performing different styles from standards to modern with the same feeling and quality.

The other most important part is Simeon, famous for his smooth piano playing and ability to find the proper attitude to re-enforce any musical piece. Also provides the duo with astonishing presence on tenor saxophone and vocals. His powerful and impressive sax solos always bring the house down.

The fact that both members sing and play various instruments adds one more dimension that separate this talented duo from the rest. Combine this with an engaging stage presence and you have a duo that should not be missed.