Swing Patrol

Professional 20s Swing Dancers

Sensational vintage live dance show will fire up your guests at your event.
High energy swing dancers perform a variety of different fast paced routines.
Sensational professional dancers can also offer classes, mood dancers, and a vintage DJ.
Ideal Charleston performers for parties, receptions, corporate events, gala dinners, etc.
Book Lindy Hop experts for events throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Offering an exhilarating live dance show packed with vintage charm and elegance, our sensational swing dancers will bring a fun and high energy mix of glitz, glamour, charm, and sophistication to your upcoming special event. Our professional dancers have years worth of performance experience that ranges in different dance forms, showcasing the world famous Charleston and Lindy hop. Offering a variety of high paced options, our wonderful swing dancers will keep your guests engaged and entertained as they group up to watch our sensational performers perform their unique and vintage dance routines.

Providing your event an assortment of vintage dance entertainment options, our live dance show can adapt to offer your event a beginner friendly swing dance class featuring experienced swing teachers, vintage DJs, mood dancers, performance troupes, or a fun combination of them all! Our live dance show is prepared to bring the fiery Charleston and classy Lindy hop to your upcoming special occasion, alongside other famed vintage choreographed dance routines that will have your guests in awe. Our professional dancers know how to work a crowd in their favour and are bound to leave a lasting impression on your event.

Vintage themed entertainment that can provide your event with a 1920s themes, gangster theme, speakeasy theme, or can adapt to fit most other event themes and styles, further offering a few customisation options to ensure your engagement is exactly how you pictured it. Featuring wonderfully crafted vintage costumes, our swing dancers will create a classy and marvellous atmosphere that will keep your guests on their feet as they watch our wonderful swing dancers perform a variety of daring stunts and tricks. The perfect live dance show experience for private parties, corporate events, gala dinners, drink receptions, and more.

Contact any of our entertainment experts here at Scarlett Entertainment if you are interested in hiring our fantastic and eccentric professional swing dancers for your upcoming special event.

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