Jean-Mikhael - Singer-songwriter

R&B Pop Artist London

An up-and-coming R&B artist on the London music scene
Male singer-songwriter boasts a unique style in writing, sound and fashion
Pushes boundaries in his live event music performance, style and stage presence
His visionary R&B pop music is compared to Prince, David Bowie, and even referred to as a male Beyoncé
Based in London, UK, our male singer-songwriter is available for international bookings

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Relatively new to the UK capital’s music scene, our R&B Pop Artist London is making a splash with a number of live performances and the release of his first album.

A highly exciting up-and-coming R&B artist, our male singer-songwriter’s standing and reputation in the industry is escalating fast. A rising star, events and venues would be wise to catch our musician’s visionary R&B pop music while they still can!

Having developed a unique style of writing, sound and fashion, our up-and-coming R&B artist is creating visionary R&B pop music for a highly engaged and devoted fan base.

With an extraordinary range, our male singer-songwriter is an impressive vocalist and lyricist, writing punchy grooves with soulful melodies. 

Delivering not just great live event music, but fashion-forward style and innovative performance concepts, our male singer-songwriter offers a rounded show that feels fresh, current and relevant. 

Often compared to the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson and David Bowie, it’s easy to see the influence of these legendary artists, and draw parallels to their risk-taking, pioneering spirit. With his slick aesthetic, commanding stage presence and unique, ever-changing look, our male singer-songwriter has even been referred to as the Boy Beyoncé. 

Top Tip: 

Offering a range of performance options, our male singer-songwriter can perform a live band set, live band with backing dancers, or a PA set with backing dancers. 

Perfect for private parties, club appearances, VIP events, and more, this visionary R&B pop music offers up a modern, original sound and powerful show. 

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